12. maj 2023

The healthcare market is experiencing a global transformation.

This has already led to increasingly complex supply chain issues such as globalization and concentration.

And it has also brought mandatory local and regional compliance requirements.

Ongoing consolidation is prompting industry players to redefine their logistics outsourcing strategy, rationalize their warehousing footprint and further optimize their logistics transportation scheme.

They are also facing an increasing digitalization trend, with new actors emerging in a changing competition landscape.

A reliable partner

Healthcare companies therefore require a reliable partner for their time-sensitive products.

There is no margin of error – patients need your shipments, so they must be timely, accurate and cost-effective. This demands a provider with experience.

A provider who can adapt to continuously changing compliance and quality regulations across regions and countries.

After all, you need to be confident that your shipments will arrive at their destination, supported by the right documentation.

GEODIS – as a flexible logistics provider for many leading healthcare companies – excels in meeting the strict regulations across the entire healthcare supply chain.

Resilient networks

Covid-19 has increased pharmaceutical companies’ focus on risk management.

They are reassessing their supply chain strategies and footprints, using techniques such as dual sourcing and geographical diversification to make their supply chains more agile and resilient to disruption.

GEODIS will work with you as you grow by providing innovative, compliant and worldwide logistics solutions, no matter where your suppliers are located.

From inventory planning to climate-controlled storage and specialized transport, our value-added solutions will adapt to your every need for true operational excellence.

A collaborative approach

We use a collaborative approach to design our solutions.

We’ll work with you to help define your optimal logistics organization.

Then our qualified and experienced teams – and their state-of-the-art engineering, analytical and IT tools – will provide you with the most effective solution.

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