Concrete Structures

28. juni 2023


has a long way footprint on designing and detailing of concrete structures in various places in the world.

We have worked with most valuable standards such as ACI and Euro codes and national annexes to offer an economical and permanent solutions to the needs of our clients.

We are experienced in multi story buildings, concrete elements, retaining walls, slabs, silo, equipment foundations, rotary foundations, blast proof substations, fireproof structures, pipe sleepers and everything which is made by concrete.

In addition to engineering of

concrete structures

, PRI make inspection on construction of concrete structures.

Please send us a short brief of your need then we find a permanent solution for you by concrete.

Permanent Consulting Engineers

Permanent Consulting Engineers
Hovedgaden 2-4, 1. sal
3460 Birkerød

Reza Poodat
Telefon: +45 93921697

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